Home Invasion - Home Invasion 02 EP

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  • On the house-techno spectrum, Franck Roger's productions have always veered a few degrees towards the former. But Roger's hard-hitting second outing as Home Invasion for his own vinyl-only label leaves little doubt that things have shifted in the opposite direction. Recorded on analogue gear—Home Invasion's credo—the label's sophomore release kicks off with "Storms," a perfect early-hours workout. Dull, metallic clanks and congas pick out the rhythm, as elephantine synths trumpet out an odd lament. After "Storm Beats," an ever-so-slightly stripped down version, "Trapped" moves into view with jackhammer beats and syrupy bass. "Kom'On" layers a tribal rhythm, a percussive fizz and crunching drops, closing an EP of unyielding dance floor tools.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Storms A2 Storms Beat A3 Trapped A4 Kom'on