Voices From The Lake - Velo Di Maya

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  • Donato Dozzy and Neel's 2012 album as Voices From The Lake was such a monumental piece of techno that it seems impossible their music could be contained on a 12-inch release (let's forget last year's one-off "531 kHz"). But the Italian duo are giving new label The Bunker NY a kick in the ass with their first major transmission since the album, a stunning three-tracker that feels like part of some larger, equally profound story still waiting to be told. "Velo Di Maya" will please fans of the LP—the kick drums and hi-hats tread sludgy water as the track patiently drifts among haunting chords that ebb like loops from Selected Ambient Works Volume II. The tune grows steadily more insistent, but true to form, the tide recedes just when you think you're about to get your feet wet. I'd wager "Sentiero" is influenced by the duo's recent live shows. It's a harder number with prickly-textured noise, but supple hand percussion keeps it serene and spiritual. Not so on the flipside. "Respiro" is less immersive and more physical—perhaps because it's a "live edit"—and it has a melody that buzzes and sparks like a shorting electrical circuit. Abrasive and pounding, it shows the Italian duo moving into choppier waters.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Velo di Maya A2 Sentiero B Respiro (Live Edit)