Kresy - Ode To New York EP

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  • Kresy shot to prominence a couple of years ago with the release of his debut EP on John Talabot's Hivern Discs. It came at a time when Talabot's name was becoming a byword for excellence thanks to his debut album, fin. (That Kresy's Lords Of Percussion also happened to be excellent certainly didn't hurt.) Since then he's released one other EP for Hivern Discs, and now this one for London label Freerange. The title track instantly signals the vintage house sounds that are all over this record, with glowing deep house chords wafting behind subtle acid flourishes and vocal samples from Ashanti's "Feel So Good." "Last Cocktail Of Stallone" has such a classic feel that you wonder if a Kresy release on Let's Play House might be mutually beneficial. It brings together lush strings and jacking Chicago percussion to produce a luminescent whole. Vin Sol and MATRIXXman's remix foregrounds punchy percussive elements and growling synths, pushing the strings and pads back in the mix, and strips a lot of the original's charm away in the process. Closer "Midnight In Manhattan" stars with a beautifully muffled synth melody and gradually adds melancholic piano and sax lines, resulting in a tired and emotional, end-of-the-night feel.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Sweet Dangerous A2 Last Cocktail Of Stallone B1 Last Cocktail Of Stallone (Vin Sol & Matrixxman Remix) B2 Midnight In Manhattan