Wolf + Lamb - Make Me Fall

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  • Having built a court of like-minded artists over the years, it's no surprise that Wolf + Lamb prefer to keep it in the family. In the case of "Make Me Fall" that means an appearance from John Camp, who gave the label a sleazy, lounge-y remix of Soul Clap's "Need Your Lovin'" last year. He contributes to an eccentric little track that has Patricia Edwards' vocals flavoring the howling synth lick and 4/4 hiss with a big dollop of jazz, a vibe heightened by the muted brass splashed all over it. Navid Izadi, another W+L affiliate, adopts a tougher stance. He consigns the original's jazz house to the dustbin, chopping up the vocal and looping it, giving it an an early '90s, Nightcrawlers-ish twist. It's a vibe further enhanced by frequent attacks of stuttering cowbell and hammering analogue synths. As proficient as Izadi's remix is, you can't help thinking that Wolf + Lamb could do with opening up their gates to outsiders next time.
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      01. Make Me Fall feat. John Camp and Patricia Edwards 02. Make Me Fall feat. John Camp and Patricia Edwards (Navid Izadi Club Dub)