Deniz Kurtel - Deepression EP feat. Art Department

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  • Built around a light installation she designed herself, Deniz Kurtel's live shows are a glistening tour de force. The flipside is that the Turkish-born artist's music always has to work that little bit harder to keep up. There's nothing fundamentally lacking on "Deepression," Kurtel's first release for the best part of 18 months, it just lacks much of the verve and energy of her twinkling LEDs. Atmospheric? Yes, unfailing so. But melody is all but forsaken, cowering in the corner while the bassline lopes across its path, interrupted by trippy pulses and smears of indecipherable vocal. Art Department offer suitably languid support on "Forgot Your Name." A breathy, winsome female vocal—it could easily have been culled from a late '90s Sasha track—wraps itself around a lethargic bassline and a sprinkling of proggy arps. Much like the lead track, it falls between two stools, neither overwhelming you with ebullience nor taking you somewhere dark, a place where something interesting might happen.
  • Tracklist
      01. Deepression 02. Forgot Your Name feat. Art Department