Tuccillo - Organmind EP

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  • In the six or so years he's been releasing sunny, European house music, Tuccillo has earned himself a reputation as one of the sound's more reliable practitioners. A close friend of Holic Trax owner Tomoki Tamura (the pair make music together as Doublet), the Italian's latest dance floor offering sees him return to the London label for the first time since 2012. Having cut his teeth as a resident at Circoloco in Ibiza, groove has always played a prominent role in Tuccillo's productions. Opener "Just Gotta Believe" boldly illustrates this with a meaty and brilliantly elastic bassline. Howard's velvety vocals add pep, while stern, flickering synths cluster to form the crescendo. "Organmind" tones down the bullishness a notch, delving a little deeper by way of balmy synths, emotive echoes and deft jazzy lines. Furthering the tranquil trajectory, "Introduciendo" places airy melodies on a bed of gently thrusting kicks and snares, showing an even more sensitive side to Tuccillo's repertoire. Vinyl lovers should consider picking up the digital-only "Musickly." As a sultry groove washes over breezy vocals, plump kicks and scintillating synths, you can almost feel the sun streaming in through the DC-10 windows.
  • Tracklist
      A Just Gotta Believe feat. Howard B1 Organmind B2 Introduciendo