Phil Kieran - Going There

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  • Phil Kieran on Hotflush—who'd have seen this back in 2007? In any case, the venerable producer matches up with the label's MK II polished house aesthetic—in fact, it almost sounds like Kieran is trying his hardest to fit in with his younger counterparts. Which is to say that the two tracks here lack some imagination. "Going There" has a gurgling groove that's a dead-ringer for recent Jimmy Edgar material. While it's satisfying enough, the blasé vocal sample and limp piano are phoned in, as if Kieran decided it needed some kind of melodic hook at the last minute. Richy Ahmed saves the track with a chunky remix, grabbing hold of the ivories and re-forming them into something that might just trigger fits of air piano. "Getting Away" is the more interesting side, with free-floating elements and bouncy sounds that recall Bjork's "Human Behaviour." But where "Going There" felt too obvious, "Getting Away" is unravelled, a bunch of spare parts without anything to hold them together. An unusual remix from Ryan Elliott—which basically turns it into percussive trip-hop—suffers the same fate, only holding the interest for the first two or three minutes.
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      A1 Going There A2 Getting Away B1 Going There (Richy Ahmed Remix) B2 Getting Away (Ryan Elliott Remix)