Ondo Fudd - Coup d'Etat

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  • Jim Seaton has adopted Ondo Fudd as a new alias for this release on The Trilogy Tapes, but it isn't a massive stretch from his releases as Call Super, as he continues to pair pumping techno grooves with dreamy electronic filigrees. Even given the weight of its kick drums and all that clattering percussion, Coup d'Etat's title track is lithe and fluid. This is partly down to the silvery synth that wends through it, both an earworm and a graceful counterpoint to the hard-edged percussion. A wide dynamic range makes "Coup d'Etat" succeed where so much other techno fails: instead of an onslaught of kicks and sustained high volumes, the track waxes and wanes with breath-like elegance. The tightly knit drum patterns and radiant synths of "Harbour" also complement one another nicely, and contrast well with a splattering of bleeps and a gritty bassline. Again, subtlety is key. The spartan opening of "There Will Be a Time" is a stark contrast to the Plaid-like sheen of the other tracks, but it doesn't take long for it to start spitting and fizzing, as if it's about to burst from its seams.
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      A Coup D'Etat B Harbour