Drumtalk - Time

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  • DrumTalk is a low-key producer out of London, who so far has been associated with Soundway, Sofrito and More Music. Now he's taking his sunny-skies brand of house music to Huntleys & Palmers, with two new slabs of percolating rhythms. With an obvious love for African percussion and a killer sense of melody, DrumTalk is a solid addition to the Glaswegian label's roster, and he doesn't disappoint with his first release. On "Magnetic," harmonic synths, lush yet roughed-up, mesh with the clattering percussion—think recent Midland. It's tactile and earthy, and the occasional burst of analogue sound gives it an improvisatory feel. It's likely that most attention will be given to "Time," which seems inspired by the Pachanga Boys anthem of the same name. Taking a more melancholic tack, it's all swelling synths and impassioned vocal samples, nailing the epic but downcast vibe of the most memorable set closers.
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      A Time B Magnetic