Snow Ghosts - Secret Garden

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  • Snow Ghosts' debut album, A Small Murmuration, was one of Houndstooth's most fascinating moments in a 2013 full of highlights. It was a record that proved fabric's new label would steer away from pure dance floor fodder. It drew on everything from black metal atmospheres to drum & bass sub ripples, evoking a melancholic post-party feeling full of fractured dance music tropes. The remixes maintain that atmosphere, even when they speak to fabric's main room. Richard Skelton takes the already beat-light "Secret Garden" and strips it of its rhythms entirely, opting instead to layer banks of synths in an oppressive, droning backdrop to Augustus Ghost's vocal. The original's oddness ramps up into something genuinely chilling. Matthew Herbert's version is more DJ-friendly. Ghost's vocal rolls away from the beat, as gossamer kicks tick under a willowy bass riff—it's gloriously disconcerting. The remixed version of "Covenant" sees original vocalist Blue Daisy team up with Dahlia Black colleague Hey!Zeus. What was a fractured take on Vangelis becomes a lithe hip-hop jam, with snares and kicks pounding with bared teeth as the pair trade horror-core bars. Just like the album, a sonically divergent EP is pulled together by a sense of dread. This is feeling bad made to sound very good.
  • Tracklist
      01. Secret Garden 02. Secret Garden (Richard Skelton Version) 03. Secret Garden (Matthew Herbert's Wash It All Away Mix) 04. Snow Ghosts - Covenant feat. Dahlia Black (Remix)