Christopher Rau - Broke

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  • Christopher Rau is a reliable purveyor of the kind of featherweight deep house we associate with labels like Smallville and Aim. But on his first release for Baaz's Office Recordings, he continues an off-the-beaten-path approach that he first revealed in 2012. On Broke, Rau scuffs up his beats like a pair of fashionably distressed jeans. Lengthy A-side "Mehris Groove" is more rockin' than Rau's usual pacifist jams, cycling through strange sound effects and distant samples. "Broke" bears down even harder, albeit carefully: the bassline dive-bombs through each bar underneath kick drums that hit with the force of steel-toed boots, and there's little melody to speak of outside of faint disco strings. "Im Sumpf" is the weirdest one here, decorating a drowsy beat with murmured speech and dripping sounds. It's fascinatingly detailed, but lacks the balance between unconventional and functional that the other two get just right.
  • Tracklist
      A Mehris Groove B1 Broke B2 Im Sumpf