Âme - Tatischeff EP

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  • A heavy touring schedule, a handful of remixes and a cheeky Paul Simon edit have kept Âme's flame burning in the year since their last full release. But given the impact that Innervisions have made this summer with "Scala" and "Gotham," there's an extra air of significance to Tatischeff. (The cover art makes them feel like items in a series.) Âme have definitely kept up the quality control with the EP. "Den Råtta," especially, has been riding high since its release late last year. The kosmische arpeggios of the title track are used as tools for pressure-cooking. The octaves are climbed, the filters are opened, and a heavily effected flute lead adds further weight. But instead of breaking out completely, the track makes a volte-face and drops down into a headier space. Despite its direct approach, it has a canny balance of spontaneity and composure that makes it remarkably distinctive. "Den Råtta" is even more immediate, taking a jaunty two-chord pattern as its base, with serrated vocals and handclaps adding edge. But it's all about those leads, the kind that can throw a dance floor into a headspin. It's a testament to their years of experience that Âme can push extremities like this while retaining complete control.
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      A Tatischeff B Den Råtta feat. Vulkano