Chymera - Tidal / Moot Point

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  • When we last heard from Irish producer Brendan Gregoriy, AKA Chymera, he was contributing the sparkling, tightly wound "Under The Slip" to Kompakt's Speicher 76. This EP, his first for Josh Wink's Ovum since 2007's superb Umbrella, finds the Cork-born producer offering a track as inspired as either of those records. A shimmering 12 minutes of deep techno, "Moot Point" is the kind of gorgeously layered journey that leaves you delighting in new elements several listens in. Fluttering, luminous synth chords, a spongy bassline, punching claps and snares, a velveteen bed of ascending pads—Gregoriy distills them into something almost celestial. "Tidal" doesn't quite scale the same heights, but is an enjoyably thrumming techno track nonetheless. It has a buzzing, insectoid bassline, over which tetchy drums and a bass loop skitter restlessly. It's the kind of thoroughly effective late night tool that Gregoriy has been reliably turning out throughout his career.
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      A Tidal B Moot Point