Dinky - Xanex (Remixes)

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  • Dinky's Dimension D album, which was released last June on Visionquest, continues to provide riches for remixers. "Xanex" is a piece of typically Dinky-esque sound design, pregnant with atmosphere and cloaked in mystery, like some Guillermo del Toro fantasy. Handed to Tuff City Kids' Gerd Janson and Phillip Lauer, it mutates into smoky acid, with increasingly invasive squiggles, jerky snares and spanking electro beats. On his remix, Roman Flügel fashions some delightfully sprawling moody house. It sits on the backburner, a simmering pot of muffled bass, tear-jerking pads and percussion that's reduced to a whisper. The result is a drowsy but devastating bomb.
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      A1 Xanex A2 Xanex - Tuff City Kids Remix B Xanex - Roman Flügel Remix