Lucy - Churches Schools And Guns Remixed

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  • Lucy's second solo album, Churches Schools And Guns, was released this month on his own Stroboscopic Artefacts label. As is often the case with SA LPs, it was preceded by a remix package, on which four artists re-sculpt his ultra-detailed productions. First up is Shapednoise, who applies a heavy dose of distortion with his "Catch Twenty Two" remix, converting the original's crackling textures into walls of roaring noise. It's the most abstract and challenging effort here, but I'm more impressed with Donato Dozzy's rework of "The Illusion Of Choice." It sees the veteran producer cutting yet another captivating trail into the realm of voodoo techno, with free-flowing percussive polyrhythms (in place of Lucy's refined 4/4 machinery) that tumble beneath a frenzy of chirping, buzzing synths. Milton Bradley's remix of "Laws And Habits" is the record's most immediately gratifying and DJ-friendly track, filled with the broken-beat drums and lost-in-space vibrations that characterize his best solo productions. Eomac, who has his own LP coming out on Killekill in April, takes on the soaring, atmospheric "The Self As Another." This remix is busier, with lots of ricocheting percussion (and an offbeat tick skipping endlessly in the background), and more climactic, thanks to an extended drop in the middle. Lucy and SA's knack for clued-up curation continues with this strong and diverse pack of remixes.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Twenty Two (Shapednoise Remix) A2 The Illusion Of Choice (Donato Dozzy Remix) B1 Laws And Habits (Milton Bradley Remix) B2 The Self As Another (Eomac Remix)