Nicole Moudaber - One Day Later

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  • You know where you are with Nicole Moudaber—or at least you usually do. Bouncing main room techno has been her stock-in-trade, but "One Day Later" might be her toughest, darkest music yet. Over its ten minutes she works her magic to summon a gathering storm that, by its end, reaches tempest proportions. The opening minutes are characterized by brutal kicks and an ominous background rumble. As time passes the elements stack up, from diabolic synths to spitting hi-hats. You'll do well to find a moment to catch your breath. "Parts Unknown" offers some respite. Lacking the choking intensity of the previous track, its beats are turned down from pile-driving to merely rattling. Moudaber folds in the slightest amount of vocal—breathy and looped—which is later joined by crashing, metallic percussion that sounds like a storm-battered roller door.
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      A One Day Later B Parts Unknown