The Analogue Cops - In Plain Clothes

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  • At first glance, The Analogue Cops and Hypercolour seem like they should be mortal enemies. The Italian duo of Lucretio and Marieu pride themselves on crunchy, all-analogue house, while Hypercolour is known for techy UK house with a coat of gloss. But their HypeLTD sub-label has been known to venture outside of their comfort zone, and In Plain Clothes lurches down that same path. Lucretio dominates the release, getting the A-side to himself. Offering catchy tracks that feel more like disco edits than live jams, "If We Change" balances its blown-to-shit kick drums with a dusty string-and-vocal sample that blusters like a windstorm. The candy-sweet melody is the soft centre to the track's outward hardness. With a similar but less forceful vibe, "The Way We Do" tones down the distortion, and then DJ Octopus joins Lucretio for "Murales," which almost has a Latin tinge with its rolling drum sample and meaty bassline. Marieu contributes "Swamp Fever," a fine techno counterpart to Lucretio's Soundstream-style efforts. The vocal part should signal complete abandon for any dance floor. None of these tracks are reinventing the Analogue Cops formula, but releasing them on Hypercolour is a good look for both camps.
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      A1 Lucretio - If We Change A2 Lucretio – The Way We Do B1 Marieu - Swamp Fever B2 Lucretio – Murales ft. Dj Octopus