Edward - Feuerhand

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  • You could describe Edward's debut for Die Orakel, the new label run by Robert-Johnson's Oliver Hafenbauer, as quirky. Its most conventional moment, "Midnight Express," is a crunching piece of dark house built on rattling rimshots and suppressed claps. But sandwiched either side are two very different beasts. "Feuerhand" constructs a paranoid, endless breakbeat out of what sounds like a bunch of household appliances—a churning washing machine rhythm spins hypnotically, accompanied by a hoover-like suck-and-blow and a metallic thwack providing its rhythm. Beats are dispensed with entirely on "Symbols Of Balea." An acoustic guitar loop sprawls across 13 minutes, dragging you into a battering vortex of sci-fi blips and bloops, underscored by what's probably the gentle lapping of waves on shingle. Although given the individuality on show here, it might just as easily be the sound of a slowed-down Soviet army goosestep. It's an oddly appealing piece of ghostly Balearic.
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      A1 Feuerhand A2 Midnight Express B Symbols Of Balea