FaltyDL - Danger

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  • As we know from his latest LP, Hardcourage, FaltyDL never stands still for long. With some nifty sequencing and a couple of standout tracks, Drew Lustman made an album where coruscating pieces of electronica worked side by side with powerful, clubbier cuts, even if the overall impact was slightly fragmented. On his first record since that album, he looks to jungle and dub, and the results are more muscular than ever. The title track wields a "danger" vocal sample and some rough, roiling jungle percussion, but Lustman also hints at dreaminess, with tense pads and a silky bassline. Nevertheless, its overall impact is blunt and forceful, and no less enjoyable for its lack of subtlety. "King Brute" is stronger, with a greater sense of Lustman's personality. Garbled and flayed-sounding, its groove drifts in and out of focus, like dance music only roughly sketched. "King Brute"'s main draw is the depth of its field and Lustman's knack for bending the groove towards and then away from you—by the time you've figured out where you stand in relation to it, the track's come to an end.
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      A Danger B King Brit feat. Shanghai Den