Vril - Vortekz

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  • Techno doesn't get much more austere than Vril, whose small discography has been well received by DJs who work in monochrome. Of his four prior EPs, Berghain's Marcel Dettman and Marcel Fengler have both included tracks on commercial compilations, and Norman Nodge slipped a pick from Vril's debut EP into his FACT mix. Austerity alone is far from unique—what separates Vril from his dark and dubby peers is the way he balances space and clout. In both versions "Vortekz" is a punishing listen. Its chords billow and swirl with grace, especially in the dub mix where they slither up and down above brutish bass. There's a gradual but intoxicating growth as the track is slowly wound up until you realise you're tensing every muscle waiting for an explosive moment of release. Of course, it never comes. You just stay on edge until the piledriving beats fade away. "y7/10" is a more straightforward slab of big-room techno, suited to aircraft hangars and steel-toed boots. It lacks "Vortekz"'s dubby grace, relying too heavily on static to pump up the atmosphere. Which isn't to say it's not good. Just that the A-side is sublime.
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      A1 Vortekz A2 Vortekz Dub B y7/10