Appleblim & Komon - Jupiter

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  • Appleblim has always been among the most interesting members of the dubstep diaspora. Where others have headed toward 4/4, the Apple Pips boss has had a more on-off relationship with house and techno. For every more conventional track like "Gas Jam," with its bouncy subs and snipped vocal, or the dour techno of "NY Fizzzzzz," comes something more exploratory. The Jupiter EP may not be quite as surprising as some of his previous collaborations with Komon, but it's certainly no genre workout. "Jupiter" and "Glimmer" are the straightforward cuts, each painted from a similar palette of squeaky hi-hats and boogie bass, like Space Dimension Controller at his most floor-facing. This kind of low-slung house is often big on immediate impact but light on longevity; Appleblim and Komon's discordant chords, which eddy around stop-start rhythms, make it more memorable. "Beach Trek" is tougher but more intriguing. Gone is the 4/4 stomp. Kicks ricochet around the beat and infuse billowing Berlin stabs with a swung, UK flavour, rippling through reverb like rocks tossed into water. The opening build is all atmosphere, but the haze clears in the breakdown and a willowy sub steps centre stage. From there it's a raw body jam, somewhere between bass music's swagger and the muscular march of techno.
  • Tracklist
      A Jupiter B1 Glimmer B2 Beach Trek