Boddika & Joy Orbison - More Maim / In Here

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  • After a killer stream of singles on their Sunklo label through 2012, Boddika & Joy Orbison's partnership seemed to come to a halt in 2013. Whatever the reason for the delay, they're back with a 12-inch that merges their floor-ready, weird-as-hell impulses better than ever before. "In Here" takes a leaf from their last emission, "Faint," with its queasy build-ups, but unlike that head-scratcher, this one drops off into sections of tightly percolating techno. It's swung just enough that it recalls old school Joy Orbison, before he went four-to-the-floor, and it's got the typical vocal hook, though this time it's manipulated beyond recognition. "More Maim" is even more straightforward, but the requisite left turn is in the drums, where snares are replaced by metallic sounds and the kick drums feel like they could shake off ceiling tiles. What these tracks lack in distinctive hooks they make up for in functionality: it's easily the most club-friendly release from the two since "Swims"—and, as usual, the production values are excellent.
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      A More Maim B In Here