Various - UntilMyHeartStops 004

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  • UntilMyHeartStops is a label run by UK artists Leif and Joe Ellis. Both are residents at the Welsh festival Freerotation, which speaks to their style—as DJs and label curators, their sound is moody, stripped down and spaced out. They launched the label in 2012 with Joey Anderson's 3200 B.C. House Dancer, a dark and atmospheric record that was quietly one of the best house EPs of the year. Their fourth release is a mini-compilation featuring Leif and three close friends of the family: Anderson, Arnaldo and October. Every track on UntilMyHeartStops004 strikes a different mood, but they all share a drab and slightly warped aesthetic. Arnaldo's "People In The Sand" is an understated warehouse track that starts out feeling half-asleep, and then becomes more driving and sinister as it goes. Anderson's "One World" is similarly dreamlike, but more blissed-out, with a long ambient intro, gliding drums and half-euphoric pads. With its mean drums and "work-it" vocal sample, October's "Decompression Chamber" is clubbiest thing here, though it maintains the EP's gloomy feel. Leif finishes with "Until Dawn," a delicate and emotive sketch that underlines the label's special touch for ambience.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Arnaldo – People In The Sand A2 Joey Anderson – One World B1 October – Decompression Chamber B2 Leif – Until Dawn