Developer - Western Ways

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  • Longstanding Spanish techno label Warm Up return with Developer's Western Ways, a four-track vinyl EP (and six-track digital release) with remixes from Pfirter and label boss Oscar Mulero. Dimly lit, no-nonsense techno is the name of the game here, as is usual for the label and all artists involved. The results are rock-solid if mostly unspectacular. The title track from Developer is the more DJ-ready of his two originals, with its rapid-fire, distortion-laced lead and neat little drop right in the middle. "Cuerpo" gets deeper and weirder, thanks to minor chords, a tense pulse lower down and a bizarre assemblage of vocal bits up top. It's the sort of track that will need a few moments to fully cast its pall over a dance floor. With their vinyl remixes, Mulero and Pfirter head into slightly harder territory. The former's take on "Cuerpo" turns Developer's subtle offbeat riffs into free-flowing spirals rich with texture, while also making those drawn-out chords from the original more prominent. Pfirter, reworking "Western Ways," opts for an urgent, cerebral approach with lots of cacophonous clanging and a longer, more climactic drop. Two digital remixes of "Western Ways" from Mulero complete the package. Both are at least as good as the tracks on wax, and I'd say that the second one is the best of the bunch. It's a loose, dubby cut that's free from much of the original's aggression, and when pitched down a few BPM (or more), it should find favor with DJs who work in more laidback environs.
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      A1 Cuerpo A2 Cuerpo (Oscar Mulero Remix) B1 Western Ways B2 Western Ways (Pfirter Remix) Digital 1: Western Ways (Oscar Mulero Remix Digital 1) Digital 2: Western Ways (Oscar Mulero Remix Digital 2)