Container - Adhesive

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  • Ren Schofield has been honing his noise-techno craft for some time now, having first turned heads with an LP for Spectrum Spools back in 2011. But in Adhesive, his music reaches new heights of pithy aggression. Back in the day Container jams exuded a sort of slow-burning acid-fried loucheness; these four tracks are bone-dry, terse and foulmouthed, sharp bursts of obscenity directed at confused dancers. This shift was hinted at in last year's blastbeat monster "Saturated," and similar boxy percussion and dizzying three-over-four loop patterns appear on "Glaze," which could almost be Miami bass were it not for the brain damaging textures racking its surface. Elsewhere, Schofield delights in abrupt gestures and compact structuring. "Slush" goes from shrieking claustrophobia to surprisingly sultry loop-techno and back again. "Adhesive" sounds like an apocalyptic hangar rave captured on an iPhone, though the breakdown is deceptively well-tooled. As with much of his work, it feels like Schofield is in complete control at all times, in spite of his noisy materials. Glowering beatdown "Complex" might be the best of the lot, but it's up against very strong competition.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Glaze A2 Slush B1 Complex B2 Adhesive