Héctor Oaks - Ambiguous Relationship

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  • Quant is a new label from Chris Stanford, who cut his A&R teeth at London party-turned-label EarToGround. Clearly the shift hasn't inspired a change in sound. This debut EP from Spaniard Héctor Oaks is all muscular, mid-set techno, unlikely to send punters rushing to the booth for a track ID but effectively building and maintaining tension. "Ambiguous Relationship" and "Revolt" are basically the same track viewed from different angles, each with undulating basslines and detuned stabs. At first it seems "Light Of Hope" is going to offer a third take on the formula, but then an arpeggio shimmers into view, like fireflies in a dank cave. It's just a pity that we're back to the tough stuff so quickly. Dax J and Chris Stanford chuck the title track through a reverb box, creating a warehouse atmosphere at the expense of the original's litheness. I_Y gives "Revolt" a lick of extra percussion and some aimless synth stuff, which is presumably meant to be atmospheric but doesn't add much. Still, as with everything else here, it's perfectly functional. Just don't expect to remember much of it once the record is back in its sleeve.
  • Tracklist
      01. Ambiguous Relation 02. Revolt 03. Light of Hope 04. Ambiguous Relation (Dax J & Chris Stanford Remix) 05. Revolt (I/Y Remix)