Volta Cab – We Are The New Generation EP

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  • It's inevitable, but that doesn't make it less sad: after the exciting post-jungle of Special Request, Tessela et al, it seems we're already into the follow-up wave of revivalist knock-offs. Volta Cab's Hypercolour debut is pure '90s throwback, complete with hoovers, piano stabs and aimless vocal garnish. All of which makes the EP's title, We Are The New Generation, ironic. "Back To The Top" is the least inspired, a Summer of Love rave track made two decades too late and devoid of its source materials' frisson. "Apache Goes Wild" is better, its pitch-bent stabs and flanged drums offering a slightly more nuanced take on jungle, but it's still uninspiring. "Fantazia" is a loosely swung and wholly forgettable house cut lightly sprinkled with breakbeats. Volta Cab was making deep house a year ago—it seems Goldie's about to replace Kerri Chandler in the sights of dance music's imitators.
  • Tracklist
      01. Apache Goes Wild 02. Back To The Top 03. Fantazia