Saytek - Dark & Crazy EP

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  • As someone who only performs live, Saytek's production energies are focused on honing new and existing material for his time on the road. Both tracks on the Monique EP bring together stems from his latest mix album on Cubism, and transform them into fully realised tracks. The rolling grooves and spoken vocal of "Darker Times" recall "Free At Last," Simon's track from 2000. With booming kicks, vocal snippets and a walking bassline, the pressure builds until the vocal fully surfaces, with a busy arrangement that reflects its live origins. "Crazy Patterns" muscles in from the outset with distorted kicks, handclaps and acid tweaks forming the track's core. Slowly unwrapping layers—reverb-drenched vocals, muffled chords, echoing high notes—around the pattern of filter/drop/return allows the track to ebb and flow. Its intensity wobbles and escalates, evoking the darkened rooms it could so readily inhabit.
  • Tracklist
      01. Crazy Patterns 02. Darker Times