Various - Selected: Compiled by Fred P

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  • When Fred Peterkin was coming up, he used compilations and mix CDs as a cheap way of exposing himself to as much music as possible. With Selected: Compiled by Fred P, the first in a new series on his Boards label, he delivers an unmixed compilation of tracks on vinyl. It constitutes a quick and cost-effective bit of crate digging for any DJ in tune with Peterkin's sound. Peterkin's picks encapsulate the best and worst of aspects of his spiritual deep house aesthetic. There is a fine line between subtlety and dull stasis, and for me Bassik Grooove and DeepJust AQuaBeaT's gauzy tracks are difficult to love: they're so ethereal that they just refuse to stick. Working in similarly spare, flotation tank territory, Ryo Murakami's "Midnight Sun" is far more seductive. Comprising a spindly rhythm, a huge, slowly mutating ambient pad and a few pulsating bloops, its style descends from the same lineage as Kraftwerk, Pole, Brian Eno and Gas. That's very different from the crisp vocal house of Lapien's "My Obsession" or the jazzy "N.Y. (Selected Dub)" from Sound Destinations (one of Peterkin's side projects), but it's this ability to identify a common sonic and emotional quality in such diverse material—a kind of blissful, zen-like transcendence—that makes Peterkin such an intriguing figure to begin with. At times, Peterkin's selections are so slight they disappear in the ether, but there is a magical quality to the rest of Selected which, if you haven't already done so, will leave you longing to see Fred P DJ—preferably at daybreak somewhere, at that dislocated point when a crowd's collective mind becomes open to such gossamer enchantment.
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      01. DeepJust AQuaBeaT - Interpretation 02. Bassik Grooove - Synthetic Ocean 03. Bobby O'Donnell - The Shards of Our Childhood 04. Ryo Murakami - Midnight Sun 05. Lapien - My Obsession 06. We Are MAM - Roots Underground 07. Orion 70 - Enki 08. Fred P - N.Y. (Selected Dub)