Mathias Kaden - Fin

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  • As is the modern way—see DJ-Kicks and Late Night Tales, to name but two—one tactic keeping afloat the otherwise outdated concept of the mix album is including exclusive tracks from the DJ behind it, then later releasing full-length versions of them. In the case of "Fin," from Mathias Kaden's recent Watergate 14, you get a whole lot more, with three of the mix's tracks made available (digitally at least). Yet it's the one offering not on the mix—Josh Wink's remix of "Fin"—which most piques the interest. There's nothing offensive about the other three tracks. Kaden's "Fin" is a rumbling, deep groove dotted with spanking pianos; Christian Burkhardt's "Under The Wheel" is a languid roller that's more tool than knee-trembler; and "Nausicâa" by Rodriguez Jr has its moments, notably a gurgling synth that blows in and out like a winter gale. As for Wink, his remix of "Fin" is labeled as a "re-think," as if he decided to take the original back to the drawing board. In fact, the veteran Philly producer actually keeps Kaden's most compelling element—the powerful, nagging piano—intact. Around it he builds a bunch of classic Winkisms, from a liberal dose of acid to a tide of mini-breakdowns that eventually explode ecstatically into life.
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      A Fin B Fin (Josh Wink Re-Think) Digital: Rodriguez Jr - Nausicâa Digital: Christian Burkhardt - Under The Wheel