Richy Ahmed - The Drums EP

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  • As you might expect from a DJ with a reputation for high-octane house sets, Richy Ahmed's full solo debut for Hot Creations isn't shy. These muscular tracks takes cues from late '80s house mavens like Marshall Jefferson. On "The Drums," the London producer lays down a thick, jacking groove made up of a gnarly, bouncing bassline, raw hi-hats and claps that hit with machine gun intensity. Kevin Knapp's contribution is part vocal, part commentary, vigorously enthusing about the constituent parts of the track ("gimme dem hi-hats.") As the name suggests, "101 Jam" is more brazenly retro. Ahmed wrings every last acid squiggle, chattering syncopation and yawning pitch bend out of the vintage bass synth. It doesn't have the snarl of the A-side, but it's clear that Ahmed has a deft touch when it comes to getting maximum intensity out of his drums.
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      A The Drums feat. Kevin Knapp B 101 Jam