Cooly G - Hold Me

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  • Now that her mum has reverted to popping round for a cup of tea in the morning instead of laying down tunes with her, Cooly G has had to seek out another collaborator. On "Oi Dirty" that means Hyperdub label mate Scratcha DVA, who joins her on a wonky, tribal-ish groove that has layers of disparate percussive elements competing with themselves. Melding the jerkiness of dancehall with deconstructed house, it's raw to the point of bloodiness. Cooly G goes solo on the EP's other two tracks. "Hold Me" adopts a more traditional dance floor approach—if Cooly G could ever be described as such. Her vocal swirls around spitting hi-hats and snares that build, ever agitatedly, to an almost dubby intensity. But it's the EP's most discernible 4/4 moment, "Molly," that really grabs the attention. She throws a pummelling bassline atop a piercing acid throb and galloping hi-hats, incrementally notching up in potency. It's a thrillingly rudimentary tool that hops across the genres.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Hold Me A2 Oi Dirty feat. Scratcha DVA B Molly