Demdike Stare - Testpressing 004

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  • To my mind, the 12-inch has always been the ideal format for Demdike Stare and their sample-heavy excursions into rhythm and noise. Over the course of an album their ideas can wear a bit thin, but the sharp shock of a single or EP is perfect for the kind of intensity they trade in. As such, the series of Testpressing records that Modern Love released in 2013—rough-and-ready 12-inches that carve a niche between punishing noise and dread-filled dance music—stands among their best work. An ominous, rhythmic drone opens "Fail." A kick drum emerges from the thick bed of low-end, joined by mucky percussion and, finally, noise at eye-wateringly high frequencies, forming a sickened-sounding groove. "Null Results" is even better, continuing the rancid approach to jungle that began with the HATE project some years ago and was revived on Testpressing 001's "Collision." A breakbeat churns dementedly before pausing for a full second and returning with double the force. A warped synth line enters the mix, and the whole thing sounds like jungle rotting from within. These tracks are raw-edged and visceral, but Demdike Stare's attention to narrative drama, dynamic range and space makes them hit hard.
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      A Fail B Null Results