Baikal – Why Don't Ya? (Ripperton Remix & Dixon Edit)

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  • It's taken over a year for Maeve, the label run by Mano Le Tough, The Drifter and Baikal, to follow-up its first release, Baikal's Just You And Me. This second outing features two reworks of "Why Don't Ya?," the bounding, acid-flecked deep house cut that was that record's B-side, which had one of the most recognisable and ubiquitous vocal samples of last year. The first half of Ripperton's 14-minute remix canters along in mesmeric fashion, blending gently clanking keys and vocals with a tottering acid line and steady, muted beats. Everything seems safely in place until an absolutely colossal bassline barges its way to centre stage. With this floor-slaying shock over, the track re-emerges as something entirely different—a beatless, beautiful cloud of keys that wafts to a close over several minutes. Dixon's edit is as flab-free as you'd expect from the Innervisions co-head. A more linear take on the original, it dispenses with its digressions and points itself in a single direction with a simple brew of sensuous bass and clipped vocals.
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      A Baikal - Why Don't Ya? (Ripperton Remix) B Baikal - Why Don't Ya? (Ripperton Remix - Dixon Edit)