The Chemical Brothers - Singles ’93-’03

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    14 Oct 2003
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    Resident Advisor
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    September 2003
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  • It’s already been 10 jubilant, ecstatic years of a dance fever, revolution known as Electronica, shepherd by Underworld, the Crystal Method, Fatboy Slim (Norman Cook), Prodigy, and the Chemical Brothers. And the Singles ’93-’03 collection stands as Ed & Tom Chemical’s testament, contribution of transfiguring not just dance music and enriching it to a towering echelon, but musical astuteness as a whole. Amiably before the dotcom detonation, the extraordinary performances at Woodstock, and their accredited ’95 smash introduction record, Exit Planet Dust, the dynamic duo was intensifying the dance music genre by rising cane and causing loads of commotion under the Dust Brothers moniker (shortly on loan from the state side producers), churning out their first gem which comes as the opener of the 13 track long disc one, Song To The Siren (an out of print 12” single). Disc one doles out all the acid laden, venomous break-beats the London twosome are famous for. From the ground-breaking, radical haunting breaks of Setting Sun (initial single to crack the top 40 on the American Billboard Modern Rock chart as well as going on to becoming their first, of many, UK #1 singles) to their most distinguish single to date and second UK #1 single, the Grammy winning, Block Rockin’ Beats (which more or less, spearheaded the mounting dance music obsession stateside, and bought dance music to a fresh pinnacle of innovation). Although most of the tracks here are worth mentioning, there are a few clunkers one should skip over, namely, The Private Psychedelic Reel and the Mr. Oasis himself, Noel Gallagher, guided Let Forever Be. Two tediously dull, mind-numbing songs that should have by no means, ever been released as singles. The pace does not recommence until the chemical duo buddy-up with Bobby Gillespie and smashing to smithereens both your cerebral senses and wreck mayhem on your stereo system with the pulse driven, sonic barrage of a track, Out of Control, by far the highlight of disc one. The musical rollercoaster does not cease there, as we’re delighted with two releases off of their last studio outing, Come With Us and one new single, the stupor, daydream like Star Guitar, the muscular big “epic” beat sounds of The Test (featuring former Verve front man, Richard Ashcroft), and the psychedelic fused Golden Path (Featuring the rock band, the Flaming Lips.). Whether you’ve been existing on the fourth planet from the sun for the last decade or have been a long time aficionado of the Chemical Brothers extensive established work, this is an indispensable own as it flaunt their flair for treading the unknown, fusing unlikely elements of various music genres and creating smash hits, to being at the forefront of all things electronic. The singles collection provides all the tunes that help institute Mr. ‘fro (Ed) and Monsieur Specs (Tom) long certified sound, minus the long club lines, hallucinations and smelly clothing. Prepare for more boundaries to be decimated, as the Chemical Brothers organize their fifth studio release due in 2004. This review is in reference to the non-limited edition CD release.
  • Tracklist
      1. Song To The Siren 2. Chemical Beats 3. Leave Home 4. Setting Sun 5. Block Rockin' Beats 6. The Private Psychedelic Reel 7. Hey Boy Hey Girl 8. Let Forever Be 9. Out Of Control 10. Star Guitar 11. The Test 12. Get Yourself High (with k-os) 13. The Golden Path (with The Flaming Lips)