Heavy Weight Breaks 2 - Mixed by Deep Impact

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  • Supercharged Music return to the breaks scene with the second installment of Heavy Weight Breaks, this time remixed by Deep Impact, a duo who has seen a few releases on Plastic Raygun and is one of Supercharged Music's latest signings. Deep Impact continue on volume 2 where Skool Of Thought left off from the first CD with more bass-heavy breaks creations from the likes of Krafty Kuts, Plump DJ's, The Freestylers and of course from Deep Impact themselves. Squeaks & Bleeps by the Plump's is normally used by DJ's as a hard-hitting climax tune to their sets is now first off the mark and sets the tone for the rest of the mix - hard, aggressive breaks only to be sweetened by those squeaks and bleeps. Krafty represents with a couple of new tunes, the first being Take It alongside the C5 Joyriders on a vocal tip - to all the nu-skool haters out there, this tune is a reminder that nu-skool breaks aren't just about hard breaks and heavy bass, it can be funked up by female vocals. Ill Funk Slammer shows that Krafty still can't get enough of that "ill" word, sampling another old skool hip hop tune to create the title of the track on top of a phat bassline - gotta love those triplet bass thumps! On a garage 2-step tip, they've roped in the don of dark breaks, Darqwan for a little Nu Jack Swing which has absolutely nothing to do with the R&B variant from '93 (thank f*** for that!). Rubbery basslines and a real hard attitude make up this tune, but even better is Chase & Status' Like This which starts off on a breaks/garage tip, then cuts in with a 2-step interlude in the middle - intricate drum programming and superb transitions between themes. Soundboy by Face Off... it's hard to say anything bad about this tune - big sirens and alarms, ragga vocal stabs and well placed bass drops - kinda like old skool jungle on 33rpm. If you think it sounds a little familiar, you're right as it appeared on Krafty mix on the Fuzzy Breaks CD. The first tune to feature an MC on the CD comes courtesy of Cyberfunk record's DJ Quest with IC3 on the mic. DJ Mutiny and Uncouth Youth on remix duties transform the track from a garage tune into a Tipper meets 2-step track and they cut out the piano sample which made the original tune so memorable. This is actually Mutiny's second remix of the tune, the first being labeled 4-Play. Deep Impact represent with two hip hop sampling tunes in the form of Back Up and the garagey Methods with a nice remix done by VIP - check the swing step beats on Methods during the interlude - enough to confuse any dancefloor yet get the heads in the place going "Whoa!". Whereas the I Love Music sounds like it's lifted the female vocals from an R&B/soul tune, yet Deep Impact keep it fresh with some nice drum breaks and bass. Breakbeat favourites the Freestylers end the mix with their soon to be classic No Replica with Million Dan on vocals, this time Aquasky vs. Masterblaster take on the remix as a return for the slick remix Raw As F*** did with Soundbwoy, and they've turned it into a hard-hitting breaks tune that Aquasky are well known for. Rolling breaks and bass, Aquasky only stay true to the original tune by keeping Dan's vocals and that sax sample that made Demon Beats/No Replica such a memorable tune. One listen to this and I was hooked - if it wasn't for the beats, the bass was enough to grab me and slap me around the head and leave me bruised. This ain't no batty breaks mix, this is definitely one for those who can't seem to find a CD with enough breaks and bass to occupy every nook and cranny of their headspace. When's volume 3 coming out?