Erol Alkan - Illumination

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  • For the past decade, Erol Alkan has managed to keep one foot in the underground and another in indie-friendly territory. He's a reliable remixer, hitting a sweet spot for bands looking to spice up their music without getting too techno about it. He's a frequent collaborator with big-ticket artists as well. Alkan's also an excellent DJ, and in Phantasy Sound he runs a decent label. But until now, he's never stepped out with a solo release. So how does Erol Alkan sound when he's not remixing a buzz band or collaborating with Boys Noize? Well, kind of like his Phantasy disciple Daniel Avery. It's all there in "Bang," which isn't as tightly focused as an Avery dance floor track, but shares in its sound palette and feel, all polished acid lines and breathy vocal samples. "Check Out Your Mind" is looser, riding a drum break that feels a little too cheesy, before it's swallowed by one hell of an acid eruption. "A Hold On Love" is a noticeable departure, with its streamlined chords and choppy melody recalling the sugar-high heights of SOPHIE's "Nothing More To Say." While it's certainly enjoyable, it lacks the satisfying meatiness of "Bang." Alkan's solo debut continues the tug of war he's been playing all along. It's purist enough to satisfy house and techno heads, but the tracks are catchy enough to break out beyond that world, too.
  • Tracklist
      A Hold On Love B1 Bang B2 Check Out Your Mind