Jamie Jones - Planets, Spaceships

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  • Jamie Jones' productions have been like hen's teeth of late—and he hasn't released anything on his own Hot Creations since its first release, Ruckus, three years ago. Being one of the most in-demand house DJs on the planet tends to have an effect on your output. The four tracks on Planet, Spaceships don't rewrite any rules, but then they're not meant to—although to call them tools would be a disservice. They do, however, exhibit many familiar Jones traits: thick kicks, grinding bass and menacing synth melodies. The title cut reverberates to a juddering warehouse beat and machine-gun snares, with Digitaria's Daniela Caldellas managing to making counting to ten in Portuguese sound filthy. "Cookie Monster" isn't too far removed from its predecessor, rattling by to the accompaniment of whiplash percussion and snarling, distorted synths. In contrast, "Starp Trek" takes something of a left turn, its standout feature a bleeping analogue riff, before the locked groove of "Stick" swaggers in with a growling extended breakdown—Jones shows a sense of humour by adding commentary saying "breakdown" at that precise moment—and mammoth claps.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Planets, Spaceships feat. Digitaria A2 Cookie Monster B1 Starp Trek B2 Stick