Various - Workparty Four

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  • Workparty Four collects together a quartet of Keinemusik's mainstays, led out by David Mayer's "Machinedrum Calypso", which tethers menacing bomber drones and mosquito hum to muffled kicks and rolling snares. The label's best-known associate, &Me, eschews melody for a sweaty workout of tightly-wound toms, rimshots and sunken sub-bass on "Think." If its stripped-back approach lacks a splash of intrigue, that's offset by Adam Port's "Burana". A crunching disco stomp, this one trades woodblock clicks with shimmering cymbals and wobbly bass reverb. But its Rampa's contribution, "Ay", that's the most compelling here. A bubbling pot of congas, barked African vocals and tribal drums, it takes an unexpected left turn halfway through when everything is dropped in favor of a frenzied attack of raw percussion and tambourine, before reverting back to a digital Afrobeat shuffle. It's music with clout, and a a testimony to Keinemusik’s co-operative approach.
  • Tracklist
      A1 David Mayer - Machinedrum Calypso A2 &ME - Think B1 Adam Port - Burana B2 Rampa - AY