Phil Kieran - Night

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  • Even if he just had his residency at Belfast's Shine on his resume, Phil Kieran would have a legendary status in the techno scene. He's held in awe by his countrymen (just ask the Bicep boys) not just for his DJing and productions but for what Shine has done to unite Northern Ireland's youth. But this EP proves that when it comes to making music, Kieran still has chops. The two productions on Night show his versatility. "Liquid Night" is a twisted warehouse jam that confidently sits alongside anything techno's latest mavens are making. On "Saturday" Kieran cooks up nine minutes of devastatingly effective hard disco—some crunching handclaps, blaring car horns and juddering percussion on top of a quaking bassline. Catz 'N Dogz' remix brings out the hidden menace in the original, those horns ever more intense, the beats increasingly frenetic, while managing to retain the original's flavour. TWR72's remix of "Liquid Night" sees the Dutch duo turn it into a thumping military march, with clinking syncopation and a Pong-style chiptune loop. Dimitri Veimar's version of "Saturdays" takes it somewhere else altogether, the Russian producer throwing a slow-burning breakbeat under it and daubing it with drops of acid.
  • Tracklist
      01. Liquid Night 02. Saturdays 03. Saturdays (Catz ‘n Dogz Remix) 04. Liquid Night (TWR72 Remix) 05. Saturdays (Dimitri Veimar Remix)