Anaxander - You Saved My Soul

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  • French producer Anaxander seems to have a preoccupation with Detroit, which doesn't exactly set him apart. What does make "You Saved My Soul (Sisters And Brothers)" worth your time, though, is not only its pitch-perfect replication of what makes Motor City techno so irresistible, but how it easily meshes different Detroit styles. It's classic sounding in a lot of ways—there's an aquatic arpeggio that could inhabit the Drexciya universe, as well as foreboding pads and fuzzy bump that check the electro boxes. That is, until it jumps off the deep end into soulful Detroit house, organ stabs and all. As it vacillates between its two modes, "You Saved My Soul" feels like a combination that shouldn't work, but Anaxander pulls it off. Chicago duo Innerspace Halflife put a spacey take on the track. They add a throbbing dub beat that skips and wobbles, while smearing the organ notes into the background, more out-there than Anaxander's traditional-leaning sounds.
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      A You Saved My Soul (Brothers & Sisters) B You Saved My Soul (Brothers & Sisters) (Innerspace Halflife Remix)