Xosar - Retreat 2 Rapture

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  • Xosar has had a pretty spectacular year, becoming a regular on L.I.E.S. and Rush Hour and touring and recording as one half of Trackman Lafonte & Bonquiqui, a hardware-toting duo with studio partner Danny Wolfers, AKA Legowelt. Here she inaugurates Ensemble Records, a new label from the Brussels basement party of the same name. The title of "X(osar) Files" sets the tone both for the track and the EP, in which spacey analogue melodies and buccaneering basslines are never far away. The track is the spaciest cut of the lot, weaving a celestial ribbon of synth through crashing hats and full-blooded kicks. Comparisons with Wolfers' work may be obvious where Xosar is concerned, but the cap fits particularly snugly here. The ascending bassline and forceful drums of "Paranormal Detective" are cut from very similar cloth, while the light keys that carry "Lycropolis" give it a more ethearal, contemplative feel. The package is completed by Belgian producer San Soda under the one-off alias Xan Xoda. He remixes Xosar's "Gone is Yesterday," pitting her dreamy, mantric vocal against giant dollops of bass to deliciously organic-sounding effect.
  • Tracklist
      A1 X(osar) Files A2 Gone Is Yesterday (Xan Xoda Remix) B1 Paranormal Detective B2 Lycropolis