Snow Bone - Remote Viewer EP

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  • This is the debut release by Snow Bone, a producer who the label Lobster Theremin claims had an "industrious but secretive production past in the '90s." Whether this adds much to our understanding of Snow Bone's music is debatable, but it's hard to listen to Remote Viewer and believe him to be a newcomer—and not just because it betrays a strong '90s grounding. At more than six minutes apiece, each of these tracks could benefit from a slight trim, but Snow Bone offers plenty to chew on. The title track treads familiar industrial tech-noise territory, with Snow Bone applying white noise liberally, but there's also lots here that sounds fresh, from the deranged drums and wide dynamic range to the chirruping synths. "SHO 5537" similarly weaves together ominous beats and adds swathes of noise, caustic stabs and bass rumbles to create a cold landscape whose parts are minimal but whose whole is unnerving. The spacious Jared Wilson remix of "SHO 5537," with its melancholic synths and gentle rhythmic pulse, entirely transforms the original into a luminous house track, all stuttering, tightly-knit drum patterns and ecstatic chords. Neither side is wholly novel, but both have plenty to commend.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Remote Viewer A2 Sho 5537 B1 Cubic B2 Sho 5537 (Jared Wilson Remix)