Tom Dicicco - No Sympathy

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  • Anthony Parasole's The Corner has spent the year feeling out a techno sound that's smooth but still tough, informed by a dubbed-out aesthetic and the sexier dynamics of house. So far it's released music almost exclusively from New York artists, so you'd expect Manchester's Tom Dicicco to stick out like a sore thumb. But his first EP for the label shows that his own perspective on the genre isn't all that different. It also doesn't hurt that it's his best release by a mile. "No Sympathy" is trembling and tactile. It's a sludgy onslaught of delay effects with a beat that sounds like it's pounding from a room down the hall, brutal but with a real sense of space. "Give It Back," in contrast, is ruddy and primitive, where a wacky lead line sounds like taunting laughter over a drum track that's maddeningly constant, without so much as a breakdown. With its Dettmann-esque chords, "My So Called Vision" seems vanilla in comparison, but this one's all about the pure hypnosis of its fattened kick drum, as it whips up a storm of pads around it. Offering some relief from the 4/4 offensive, "Degenerate" is a B-side through-and-through, balancing some choppy backwards chords on a beatless foundation of bells and odd bass sounds.
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      A1 No Sympathy A2 Give It Back B1 So Called Vision B2 Degenerate