Agoria - Scala EP

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  • At the start of the Ibiza season, we suggested that Ten Wall's "Gotham" was Innervisions' now customary summer smash. The track proved, however, to be only the first act. Agoria's Scala EP soon started doing the rounds, with Dixon playing the title track nearly every time he performed. Indeed, it only left his crate once everyone from Tale Of Us to Jackmaster had picked up the scent. Where "Gotham" felt buoyant and invigorating—perfect for the start of summer—"Scala" has a deeper, more affecting feel, which makes it perfect for the end of the season. As buttery synth licks fuse with dense, escalating pads, the track comes to a grinding halt, descending into near silence. Suddenly, out of nowhere, comes a piano line. Stirring and instantly infectious, it's a failsafe dance floor moment. With such a big track on the A, the B-side, "Kick The Peace (Part 2)," pales a little in comparison. A dubby first half shows promising signs, but rampant celestial stabs and plodding synths makes for a brash final section.
  • Tracklist
      A Agoria – Scala B Agoria & Francesco Tristano – Kick The Peace (Part 2)