tINI - 4th Street

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  • It's been a remarkable summer for tINI. The Desolat DJ played more gigs across more clubs in Ibiza than ever before, and held down her small but successful tINI & the gang residency at Sirocco Beach. Without question, she's currently one of the most popular, in-form jocks on the international circuit. What's most striking, however, is that she's achieved all this with only a handful of releases to her name. Her latest EP, and her first for 2013, sees her debut on Guy Gerber's Supplement Facts. "Hat Baxx" opens with the type of weighty, driving groove that forms the basis of tINI's sets. Joe Le Groove's assertive vocals give the record some life, resulting in a simple, solid club track. "Turn Around" is more interesting, melding a sprightly bassline to plump kicks and Charlotte CA's warped vocal snippets. Kept upright by militant snares, the track plays to the deeper and more twisted side of tINI's performances. tINI's productions have a way to go if they're to rival the dizzying heights of her DJing—but if, or perhaps when, that time comes, she'll be an unstoppable force.
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      A Hat Baxx feat. Joe Le Groove B Turn Around feat. Charlotte C.A.