Big Strick / Generation Next - Like Father Like Son

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  • Big Strick founded 7 Days Ent. after a string of releases on Omar-S's FXHE. In late 2012, the label released Resivior Dogs Volume. 1, which featured "Family Affair," a collaboration with Omar-S, and "Windsor Nights," a track from Generation Next, Big Strick's 16-year-old son Tre Strickland (and, as it happens, Omar-S's nephew). Generation Next has since released two solo 12-inches of aqueous jams on 7 Days Ent., and he returns here with Like Father Like Son. Like Jay Daniel's recent EP on Sound Signature, the two solo tracks here suggest a young producer with an impressive but still maturing sound. "And You Too" is wintry house, with a choked atmosphere and grotty sub-bassline. It's moody and slightly indistinct, but still effective. Generation Next works well with his dad on "Like Father Like Son," riding on a juicy bassline and tentative percussion that has the kind of gauzey, early morning sound Fred P's a master of. Still, Big Strick's own "Rain Dance" is the standout, evoking Rick Wilhite's Analog Aquarium, with muted bells, puffy arpeggios and dub reggae organs. Big Strick doesn't let the distortion overpower the arrangement, and the resonant metalwork and feathery kick together are divine.
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      A Big Strick - Rain Dance B1 Generation Next - Like You Too B2 Generation Next - Like Father, Like Son feat. Big Strick