Funkineven / The Abstract Eye - Egypt / Reflexes

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  • Funkineven releases plenty of quality 12-inches on his own label, Apron, but it feels like he saves his best for Eglo. Over the last few years, he's released a steady stream of brilliant singles for the label, the last of which was the slick pop song "Phone Line" with Fatima. His latest track for Floating Points and Alexander Nut's label is still heavily funky and geared towards the dance floor, but it's introspective and a little fantastical, too. "Egypt"'s clipped snares stand out against a pulsing swirl of arpeggios, synthesised strings and slippery acid. On the B-side, The Abstract Eye's "Reflexes" is a spaced-out, psychedelic jam, all off-kilter drum machine hits and swollen bassline. The text accompanying the release describes it as a "Sakamoto-esque journey over the pyramids," and although this is a little far-reaching, there is a sense of sweeping grandeur to the way the phrases on these tracks dramatically build and fade.
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      A FunkinEven - Egypt B The Abstract Eye - Reflexes