Vester Koza - Maslo 003

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  • Through his own Maslo label, Vester Koza has quietly become one of 2013's best new producers, dropping two EPs defined by their restraint and delicacy. After the early morning broken techno of Out Of The Blue, his final plate of the year lands with a bang, at least by his standards. Both sides of Maslo #3 swagger with a bottom-heavy bump that's almost violent compared to his earlier releases. The A-side is one of those dubby rollers that sounds like it's made out of big bubbles wobbling through the air, with unstable chords buffered by a relatively militant snare/kick combo. Drowning in vinyl crackle, there's a rough exterior to it, and an intermittently reinforced kick drum only pounds the point home. The flipside further roughs things up, as if Koza took a sheet of sandpaper to one of his plaintive moments. This one's dubby, too, but in a different way, as metallic sounds reverberate and snap against the drum beat a lá Peverelist. The dragging-feet kick drums and gunmetal chords give it a bleary-eyed feel, as if it were sleepwalking through its six and a half minutes, collecting dust and debris along the way.
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      A Untitled B Untitled
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