Brooks Mosher - Get Ready

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  • Though Brooks Mosher is from Michigan, he currently crafts his analogue techno workouts in Austin, Texas. It's clear, however, that he's still indebted to his time spent partying during Detroit's '90s heyday. Across a handful of EPs for Other Heights and Dolly, he's mostly channelled Detroit's second wave—the muscular synth jams of Carl Craig, Robert Hood's loop-driven minimalism—and his latest, for London label Release/Sustain, stays resolutely on home turf. "Encroachment" and "Get Ready" both ride wiggly subs through filters that veer between shrieks and growls, occasionally supplementing the low-end workouts with a flash of pad or, in the latter's case, a call-and-response synth line. "Memory Flash" is more sweeping, its simmering riff threatening to boil over as it's buffeted by claps and kicks—it evokes of Carl Craig's "Sparkle," but without the emotional clout. All the originals are neatly executed and so polished they gleam, but they feel like they're building to a pay-off that never quite arrives. Fred P's take on "Get Ready" is typically deep,. It emerges in a flurry of echo, its hi-hats and snipped vocals chasing each other through subterranean bass for the EP's most interesting moment. Everything else here is functional, and deserves its moment on a 4 AM dance floor, but ultimately Mosher might need to lose the hometown blinkers.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Get Ready A2 Get Ready (Fred P Reshape) B1 Encroachment B2 Memory Flash